Deconstructing JLo’s Glow

Let’s do a little free word association.

I say “irritating” and you say… that obnoxious brunette from the Red Robin commercials who says “boo-ya” as if it’s 1997 (therefore, non-ironically).

I say “delicious” and you say… three-way tie between Joseph Gordon-Levitt lip-syncing, brie, and the mere thought of being reunited with an Animal Style burger & black-and-white shake from In-N-Out Burger.

I say “salmon” and you say… Jennifer Lopez. So real.

Sometimes you read a stray copy of People or US Weekly or Glamour and a quote, a photo spread, a shade of moccasin, stays with you for life. For years now, whenever I think of salmon, I think of Jennifer Lopez − a “Jenny from the Block”-era Lopez, post-Selena (a true touchstone of modern American filmography/JLo’s silver screen peak) and pre-Marc Anthony.

The memory isn’t verbatim or photographic, but was most certainly along the lines of “How does Jennifer Lopez maintain that signature glow – even before applying her morning bronzer? Salmon, of course!”


Am I bronze yet?

Something about those omega 3s I guess…or maybe it’s the fish oil? No idea. But salmon in this form is way better than choking down fish oil capsules (or having them explode in your purse, jacket, pocket), and may even give your pasty skin a moment of pure diva radiance. (It’s not guaranteed, however, to bestow any magical abilities to look good in cargo capris.)

Honey Mustard Pistachio Salmon
Makes 2-3 servings
This credit goes to another permanent childhood memory, one of a dish eaten at a random restaurant on the intracoastal in south Florida.

1 lb salmon (filleted)
3/4 c pistachios, shelled and roughly chopped (shelling yourself blows, but it’s still worth it)

From-scratch honey mustard sauce
2 tbsp honey
3 tbsp dijon mustard
1 tsp olive oil
Salt + pepper to taste

Rub the salmon filets with salt, pepper and even some onion/garlic powder if you so choose. Place on a baking sheet (that’s been covered in foil) skin-side down.

Mix all of the honey mustard ingredients together in a small bowl or measuring cup. Taste as you go; if you prefer sweetness, you may want to offset the dijon with extra honey. Do you.

Spoon/bruch some of the sauce (not all of it) on the filets, and then top with a handful of the pistachios.
Broil on high for 20-25 minutes or so. Before you look at me diagonally, know that I prefer salmon on the drier side. If you’re the opposite, these should only take 15 minutes. Either way, I’d go in and brush some more of the sauce on every few minutes to let the HM soak in.

After removing from the oven (and not burning yourself in the process), toss on a few more pistachio pieces and call it a night.


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