First off, you’re right. The internet has probably reached its food blog saturation point.

But those are blogs written by people with removable DSLR lenses and twee pic-editing apps and massive kitchens with an overabundance of counter space, despite the lilac-enamled KitchenAid® mixer taking up a healthy amount of surface area. Or people who take religious Sunday trips to the farmers’ market with their Toms-wearing two-year old, and anxiously await their Thursday CSA delivery of locally-sourced swiss chard.

Chill Cooks fills a probably unnecessary but very apparent void of food blogs with not-too-Photoshopped imagery, recipes executed in small kitchens without pastel appliances, and real talk about what the hell this twenty-something is going to make for dinner at 7 p.m. on a Monday after a regular workday, a reluctant work-out and a relentless post-graduate period of figuring Who I Am and What I Want.

At Chill Cooks, things won’t always be organic or vegan or gluten-free, but they will be doable and adaptable and sometimes will even be so delicious that you let your coworker take a bite from the next day’s lunch leftovers just to not-so-humblebrag about how together your life is  because not only can you work from 9-5 and properly write out a check, you can cook too damn it.

Happy chill cooking.



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