Getting Older is Just an Excuse to Make Better Cookies

In less than two weeks I’ll be turning 25,  finally ready to embrace the quarter-life crisis that has apparently plagued my psyche for the past five years.IMG_0441

It’s easy to look back from my postgraduate perch and laugh at the pre-legal drinking age me for fretting about things like internships, guys, GREs and whether or not the twenty-something me would have a disposable budget for pastry consumption.

The things that jolt the almost 25-year old me awake at 3 a.m. some nights include, but are not limited to: work deadlines, how and where to start planning a wedding, whether or not I’ll ever go for that MFA, and determining the perfect dessert to bake for whatever social function looms ahead.

We as individuals may evolve, but we never truly change.

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Brownie-Cookies. No Pumpkin Spice Required

I’m not a betting woman, but I’d lay a few bones on the probability that, by this point in October, you’ve probably:

  • Shelled out at least $4 for a hot, caffeinated, pumpkin spice-laced beverage
  • Kicked yourself for falling victim, yet again, to lazy marketing and spending $4 for a hot, caffeinated beverage that tastes nothing like pumpkin and everything like a stomach ache in a cup
  • Gone into the office kitchen only to been greeted by a plate of homemade, chestnut-hued crumbly good
  • Scoured your local grocer for the first sign of 28 oz cans of pumpkin puree
  • Nodded in solemn, guilty agreement with John Oliver’s pumpkin slam

Let’s stray from the marketers’ cliche. Let’s not give in to the peer and pelvic pressure of whipped cream on top of frothed milk on top of liquid cloves.

Let’s not get stressed out after scouring no fewer than 4 department stores, 3 department store outlets and at least 5 websites for just the right mid-length down coat that doesn’t make your 5’2″ frame resemble an (albeit chicer) oompa loompa.

Pumpkin will be gone in a few months, when the world starts shoving marshmallow birds and “creme”-filled eggs down our proverbial throats. Chocolate will always be there.

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Aristotle’s Sweet Tooth

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” IMGP4873

Aside from the fact that Aristotle and most things Philosophy are completely not my speed (swooning over Philosophy professors on the other hand, different issue), this quote has plenty of truth to it. We’ve seen this theory in practice before:

  • Bruce Springsteen (wonderful); Lorde (likable). Bruce covering Lorde = Unstoppable.
  • Men who play hockey (necessary); The Muppets (also necessary). A hockey player communicating with a Muppet = All of the emotions.
  • Kyle MacLachlan (basically babe status); detective dramedies (satisfying enough). Special Agent Dale Cooper = Oof.

I’m not saying we all need to go throw on some elbow-patched blazers or dig up our “gently used” college copies of Meditations on First Philosophy. I’m modestly proposing, however, we examine the merits of Aristotle’s brilliant mind within the context of cookies.

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