Something Warm, Something Green

At exactly this moment, your body probably needs:IMGP5051

a) Something warm
b) Something green
c) Something bourbon
d) All of the above

You need something green because over the past 48 hours you’ve inhaled a (fully deserved) gluttonous share of things that were gooey, molten, buffalo-sauced, refried, deep fried, chocolate-dipped, iced, carbonated, crunchy, covered in neon orange film and/or Ruffles.

You need something warm because it’s that time of year when, after getting a little too confident that you’d braved the worst of winter, February happens.

February: when you’re forced to pull out your all function/no form snow boots and reacquaint yourself with the ankle soreness said boots cause after one little breakfast outing. The month when true love is tested, not by the appropriateness of Valentine’s Day gifts, but by your significant other’s ability to accept your appearance, despite your lumberjack boots and unwaveringly monochromatic wardrobe.

You need bourbon because you’re only human.

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Soup, Talking and Not-Talking

[If the title to this post is lost on you, this might clear things up. Watch that movie at least 5 times in your life.]

Our parents and grandparents are bonded together by a number profound, historical time markers. “Where were you when JFK was assassinated?” or “What was your reaction the day the music died?”

Most 20-somethings have their stock of shared, somber cultural experiences. But the bulk of it leans toward the trivial: “What stance did you take on the Spice Girls post-Ginger’s departure? Did you ownForever‘?” or “Remember that Thursday night when the ‘Friends’ series finale aired? Bummer.”

Regardless of how socially meaningful it may be, one of my go-to conversation questions when speaking with someone in my general cohort leans toward food. Food comfortably straddles that fine line between high and low brow, while still holding the potential for heated debate and revealing truths.

For one, there are the nostalgia questions (e.g., reminiscing about the junk food that still exists in your grocer’s aisles, but you typically avoid now.). Nothing gets people going like a verbal volley on the merits of tie-dye Fruit by the Foot or the anthropological importance of Planter’s Cheez Balls (r.i.p.)

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