Where Credit Is Due

Chill Cooks’ motivation, inspiration and general existence would be nowhere without:

  • This blogger’s parents, who instilled in her the quality, importance and fun of a food intake ratio that favors the homemade versus take-out. (And shout-out for the Cuisinart food processor – the apartment warming gift that keeps on giving.)
  • This blogger’s boyfriend husband, who is Chill Cooks’ #1 recipe taste-tester and never fails to (triumphantly) rationalize why cheese takes any given meal to the next level.
  • A menagerie of other bloggers who I devoutly follow/aspire to become (but would settle for being Internet pen-pals with):
    -Joy Wilson (Joy the Baker)
    -MacKenzie Smith (Grilled Cheese Social)
    -Melissa Clark (“A Good Appetite” columnist for The New York Times)
    -Nick Kindelsperger (Serious Eats: Chicago)
    -Jenny Rosenstrach (Dinner: A Love Story)
    -Deb Perelman (Smitten Kitchen)
  • Anthony Bourdain and Ina Garten (duh)

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